Conversational Commerce  
IT Solutions provide everything you need from initial requirements gathering, through to implementation, ongoing support and Success Management.  Our experienced team are available to meet the needs of our clients and also to help you achieve success at every stage of your project and for ongoing optimisation of your investment in Digital  Transformation, to ensure you receive a return on your investment.

IT Solutions partner with LivePerson for the delivery of market leading Conversational Commerce  solutions, which includes:
  • Messaging Channels - Engage your consumers where they already, to sell products and answer questions in the world’s most popular messaging channels
  • AI-powered chatbots  - Automate up to 70% of messaging conversations on your website, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp and more 
  • Turn phone calls into messaging conversations with Call-to-Message - Instead of missing calls or making your consumers wait on hold, give them the option to initiate a messaging conversation when they call you. This makes consumers happier, increases your sales and reduces costs
  • A command centre for conversational commerce - LiveEngage gives agents, bots and managers the toolset needed to ensure the seamless management of messaging operations
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For more information please contact us to find out what we can offer to help you to achieve your Digital Transformation objectives.

Workforce Optimisation 
IT Solutions  has  two decades of experience in providing Advanced Workforce Optimisation Solutions  and we partner with Verint Systems for delivery of market leading  Workforce Optimisation systems.

With Verint Enterprise Workforce Optimisation, you can gain visibility into the people, processes, and work across your organization, helping you:
  • Capture and analyse customer interactions, journeys, and sentiments across channels
  • Enhance the quality of customer interactions
  • Drive deeper engagement with customers and employees
  • Improve internal processes and compliance
  • Boost employee productivity and performance
  • Uncover business trends and areas of opportunity
  • Deliver service more effectively
The Advanced Workforce Optimisation suite includes integrated software modules such as Desktop and Process Analytics, Performance Management (including eLearning and Coaching), Recording (chat, IP,  SIP, screens, and video), Robotic Process Automation, Quality Management, Work Allocation and  Workforce Management

For more information please
contact us to find out what we can offer to help you to achieve your Digital Transformation objectives.